About Karen Revell

Karen Revell is a coach, mentor and personal success partner to conscious entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who want greater meaning and fulfilment from their careers and balance and harmony in their lives.

Formally an accountant in Blue Chip companies with a “traditionally successful” corporate career, Karen ditched her employee status to follow her passions, create a more harmonious lifestyle and do the work that makes a positive difference in the world.

After working with many professionals and business owners to help them in their careers and businesses, Karen now serves those who want to achieve a more meaningful and fulfilling version of success without compromising who they are and what they stand for.

Specifically Karen helps them to

  • ALIGN to their natural talents, genius and what is truly important to them and make decisions from there,
  • THRIVE in life by finding their path of least resistance to success, and
  • SHINE out into the world as the purpose-driven leaders and change-makers they are truly here to be.

More about Karen

I’m drawn to work with enlightened leaders and change-makers – professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to live and lead consciously and purposefully.

I help you to be more authentic in your work, your leadership and your life. To create success on your terms – whatever that may look like, and to nurture yourself so you have the energy and resources to make the positive impact you are here to make.

In particular I help you to re-connect with your values, your passions and your priorities in life, and to live and lead from there – with intention and purpose.

I believe we all have greatness within us, yet we bury this deep inside to conform with society and the world around us and to stay safe. Now many of those structures are breaking down. We are looking for new leaders to emerge and true leadership starts with who you are BEING from the inside out.

Now is your time to be the authentic and conscious change-maker you are here to be so that together we can make the world a better place to live.

I take a very holistic approach to working with my clients, helping you create both the career or business you desire, the lifestyle that works for you and that sense of meaning and impact you crave. By aligning to the truth of who you are, what you are here to do and why it matters, you become the leader you are truly meant to be.

I started my career by training as a professional accountant and spent over 20 years climbing the corporate ladder to achieve success. I worked in finance for large UK and global blue chip companies then moved into project and change management working on business process re-engineering and finance transformation programmes.

At times I was in flow and loved my job, but at other times I was misaligned, struggled and felt I was always pushing. I found that building success in my career meant a lot of sacrifice – long hours, high pressure and in the end, compromising my values. My health, relationship and lifestyle were suffering and I knew it needed to change.

Ultimately I made a corporate escape to re-connect to my interests and passions and to make a difference in the world through serving others without sacrifice and compromise.

Although I initially started out on the right path – helping other professionals with their career, I soon got sucked into doing things that weren’t right for me without realising it. I could sense inside the feeling of restlessness but couldn’t work out what it was. Now I know that I was out of alignment again.

It was only by doing the deep inner work, I was able to re-connect to my values and my purpose, and now I know I’m doing the work I am here to do. Helping other passionate and caring entrepreneurs and change-makers unlock the wealth within and bring their talents, gifts and genius out into the world so they can make the difference they are here to make.

I have interests in many things but my primary passions are personal development, productivity and performance, health and wellbeing, business systems and strategies, and travel. More recently I have gained a fascination for metaphysics and universal principles of success.

My core values include freedom, independence, harmony, responsibility, respect, fairness and loyalty. I’m also a life long learner.

Others have described me as determined, trustworthy, dependable, empathetic, supportive, down to earth and approachable. Although very practical I’ve come to accept that I can use my intuition to tune into what seems right for my clients and conversely when they are heading in the direction that doesn’t seem right for them.

Although gentle in nature, I won’t let my clients off the hook. I’m committed to seeing them succeed at obtaining their true desires in both their personal and professional lives.

I’m driven to see people align to their Soul path to success because when we are aligned to our true purpose we create positive change and make this world a better place to live.

I was a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, being a member for over 25 years and worked within the financial services industry for most of that time. This has given me a strong focus on the practical side of business. I have held senior leadership positions culminating in being Group Head of Finance for a global insurer. I’ve built and led high performing teams to deliver results and change as well as working as a management consultant on transformation programmes.

During this time I attended Cranfield University School of Management on leadership.

I’m an associate member of the Association of Coaching and have the following professional qualifications:

  • Personal Performance Coach,
  • Corporate & Executive Coach,
  • Licensed Career Coach, 
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Diploma

Along the way I have also trained in: City & Guilds Teacher Training, The Pilates Method and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Recently I partnered with the Entrepreneurs Institute and trained as a Flow Consultant licenced to deliver and debrief Talent & Wealth Dynamics profiles and I am also an Accredited Mentor.

I now use my skills, talents, knowledge and genius to help others find theirs and to live and lead from the inside out – intentionally, purposefully, consciously; whilst creating the lifestyle to support them in their mission.

I’m an explorer at heart. I love to travel and explore new places and so far, I have been to over 45 countries. I love the culture, the history, the people and the stunning sites.

I also enjoy exploring what makes people tick and engaging in deep conversations about life, the world, the universe and more. I am just fascinated by how everything works.

I love to eat out with friends, go for walks in nature, and I am a regular at the gym although I mostly do swimming, yoga and Pilates these days.

After 26 years together my partner Geoff and I finally got married. A quiet yet fun affair with just two witnesses.

Although I live in the UK, I also spend about a third of the year in Spain where I have my second home.

Being a footie fan you will also often find me down at the Bridge watching my team Chelsea.

Over the years I have attracted a large number of teddy bears and other furry animals who are now living in my home. Many started out coming to work with me but eventually they ended up retiring and having more fun.

Four of them are great travellers and travel with us all over the world.

A few are footie fans and one introduced me to Chelsea many years ago. Another is a Malaga fan and that is now my adopted Spanish team who I’ve seen play a few times.

The “gang” keeps on growing, although two did emigrate to Australia many years ago after a trip there and have never returned, preferring the way of life “down under”.


We all have an “inner child”. How do you express yours?