Here are some kind words giving praise for my work from some of those who I have helped.

Read on to discover how other entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners like you are finding their path to a more harmonious and authentic version of success – the work they love, the lifestyle they desire and the impact they are here to make.

Every session I’ve had with Karen has left me feeling lighter, clearer and with a sense of direction.

Karen always knows the right questions to ask, and has the ability to quickly understand the problems I’m facing.  She always offers guidance appropriate for my business and my personality, it’s never an off-the-peg solution, but one that is based on everything I’ve told her, and a lot that I didn’t even need to say.

Kate Cave – Karma Life Goddess

I was extremely frustrated at work, working long hours with little support from my managers and feeling completely overwhelmed. I would come home exhausted and frustrated, impacting my personal life adversely. I hated going to work and waking up each morning was difficult.

Karen was extremely approachable. I was very comfortable talking to her. I really felt like we connected well and that Karen understood me. She is very personable, often relating her own experiences to my own so that it felt like she truly understood what I was experiencing.

Identifying my values, strengths and motivators was really useful. I’ve never really sat down and tried to understand exactly what I want from life and what drives me. The coaching process helped me with this. It gave me strong reasons for making a change in my career and life, rather than just letting things be decided for me.

Since the coaching, I have incorporated more adventure into my life. I have changed job, have much better work-life balance and I am exercising more.

Hemita Anand, Chemical Engineer

Karen is a great business strategist and has really helped me to focus on the key areas of my business so I can grow and develop them in a way that is right for me. She is insightful and supportive with a deep knowledge of what it takes to make a business work.

I have found Karen an extremely effective coach as well as generous source of information and knowledge on all areas of business development.

Karen is particularly skilled at asking the right questions at the right time, which has been helpful in moving me forward at critical times in my business. Karen has always been focused on helping me develop a business that will support me in a new non-corporate lifestyle and in a way that allows me to create a way of working that is right for me, while remaining focused on bringing in the income I need.

I have worked with a number of business coaches and Karen stands out for her strategic thinking, clear planning, personable and supportive approach and focus on creating a business that is about more than just making money.

Deborah Taylor –Book Launch Your Business

I had a hectic work and home life. Working part–time for my previous company but not enjoying it at all. The coaching programme pinpointed so many reasons why!

I felt unclear about my strengths and skills and was also prioritising other people and tasks too much.

I liked Karen’s sense of humour, patience, honesty and down to earth nature. I found her very encouraging and helpful, particularly on some of the trickier exercises by asking the right questions at the right time.

I found working with Karen well organised with structured sessions, clearly explained and with a clearly defined goal in mind. Sessions were fun and challenging (especially some of the exercises where I had to use my imagination!)

The most useful element was reminding me of my core skills, strengths, values and interests and how they form the core of everything I do well and enjoy. I also liked the idea of trying to incorporate a tiny element of something new (working towards the final goal of a new career / business) into my everyday life.

As a consequence I quit my job for the second time!
My values had been compromised, the job certainly did not play to my strengths and sapped my energy. I felt much more confident in my decision the second time round having worked on the programme. I was able to see that my skills and strengths could be used in a far more productive way
in another business.

I really enjoyed the programme and would highly recommend it to anyone who is stuck in a job, or has forgotten what their core skills and values are.

Sarah Bennett, Head of Marketing

I have worked with Karen on a number of occasions now as I seek to develop my business and identify how I want to take it forward. She has consistently enabled me to think outside my comfort zone and to challenge myself to work towards what I really want from life and work rather than just accepting what I’ve already achieved and the cosy niche I’ve developed.

I’d recommend her to anyone who is really interested in making a change for the better in their working life and so in their overall quality of life.

Karen Donhue – KD Coms

I read Karen’s fantastic article on escaping the corporate rat race and it really resonated with me and I instinctively picked up the phone.

I always found Karen to be a really great listener and she was able to quickly pick up on things which slipped out in my language and in challenging these, she did so very gently and unobtrusively.

Karen helped me to reconnect to my passions, values, interests, skills and all manner of things which I had forgotten about or given up on. She helped me to get my creative juices flowing again and it was great to have someone lift me up and encourage me on when I got low.

Karen’s approach was honest, gentle, supportive and I felt she really understood me. She also helped me to stand back from things at times when I needed to. I wholeheartedly recommend Karen to anyone looking for an understanding coach who will get you to where you want to be and she will believe in you.

Jane, Human Resources Officer

I had my fair share of big-shot, zero-to-millionaire coaches.

They did not help me to move forward. Their strategies were too far ahead from where I was, to be of any inspiration and practical value.

Karen’s approach is different: Baby steps, gently nudging, easy to implement strategies and tactics. If you are starting out or feel you are just some steps away from the starting line, Karen might be the better choice.

She definitively helped me to overcome a lot of obstacles (finding out where my sweet spots were, how to approach clients, and on what to focus on first).

Ute Mundlein, Germany

Since I’ve had coaching with Karen I am hugely more aware of why I feel frustrated at times. Hence, it has helped me work through problems for myself. I can now also recognise it in others and am able to step back from the situation.

It has made me aware of how I could improve my work/life balance and I now give it more thought. I found the practical tips very helpful, for example, I now work on the way into work and not on the way home as opposed to the other way around.
The coaching process has helped me understand my values, what motivates me and it has helped me in my decision making process. I now know what really pushes my buttons.

The coaching has provided me with a new set of heuristics to help in problem solving, learning and discovery. Whereas my MBA gave me the business tools for how to do the processes; coaching has provided me with the life tools to understand my values, what is driving me in my life and provide me with the framework to evaluate where I want to go.

BM – Senior Management Consultant

From my very first conversation with Karen she gave me clarity. She provided the help I needed to determine what it was that motivated me, what my core values are and therefore which option would align with these values. It then became very obvious which was the right route for my business.

Mary Waring – IFA, Surrey

Karen was the best support and full of integrity in her approach to working with me.

She gave me a far clearer perspective on where I am on my journey with my business and gave me the confidence to be patient with progress and not to rush into anything, all along giving clarity to and awareness of my strengths that I can use.

Damaris Wollen – Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner

It was an absolute pleasure working with Karen as she is open, friendly and totally committed to finding solutions. She took the time to understand my business and really challenged me to clarify what I was most passionate about and how to bring it to life.

Coaching with Karen has brought more structure and focus to my day, clarity about my message and it has opened my eyes to life in business. Karen has introduced me to social media, given me control over my own web presence and shown me how to market my business, especially in the current economic climate.

I would highly recommend Karen for anyone wanting greater clarity, direction and focus for their business.

Heidi Wells -The Power Of Colour