Who Are You?

What Are You Here To Do?

Why Does It Matter?

You are smart, driven and usually achieve what you set out to do

But right now something feels off – you feel restless inside

The traditional model of success – wealth, status and recognition are no longer enough

You desire something else

It’s not just about DOING more – you are already questioning the value of what you do

You understand that to create a truly successful life, 

one with more fulfilment, more harmony and more meaning…

requires something different

It’s about the way you are BEING in your work AND your life

You are on the threshold of something new yet you’re not sure what comes next or how to get there

But you know things have to change


I’m Karen Revell and I too have experienced that feeling of restlessness and frustration inside.
Asking myself “Is this it?” and feeling guilty that I wasn’t happy with everything I had achieved.

Now I’m drawn to work with professionals, business leaders & entrepreneurs – “can do” people
who despite their success, feel mis-aligned with where they are
in their work, their lives and themselves


I coach you to-

ALIGN to your inner compass,
 THRIVE in life not just your career &
SHINE out as the purpose-driven leader and change-maker
you are here to be



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Licensed Firework Career Coach

Associate Member