Karen Revell presents

A private 1:1 coaching process to take you from overwhelm, confusion and restlessness to aligned, authentic and conscious leader
living a fulfilling, meaningful and harmonious life.

Are you tired of striving and sacrificing your life for your career?

Do you feel that the success you set out to achieve has left you empty inside?

Do you want a more balanced and harmonious life where you can have the time for what is truly important to you and to nurture yourself in the process?

Do you want a more rewarding career where you know that you are impacting others and truly making a contribution in the world?


Hello! – I’m Karen Revell and for a long time I felt a failure for “bailing out” of corporate – for walking away from a successful career.

I thought I couldn’t hack it, despite rising to a senior position, earning well over 6 figures and achieving many of the goals I had set for myself.

The trouble was that I found myself constantly striving and proving myself to get to the next level but ultimately ended up sacrificing my values and my life for the job.

So I decided to quit to follow my passions and create a more harmonious life for myself.

For a while I enjoyed what I was doing but then I found myself backing away. I was willing to learn and invest in my business development, yet despite many of these mentors appearing to have successful businesses it seemed they too were sacrificing a lot to achieve that success.

Something felt wrong inside and I was resisting this way of doing things.

I came to realise that many of these experts were doing exactly the same as most professionals within corporate and other organisations. Striving hard and focusing on the money and their standing in the world rather than connecting with what was truly important to them and creating a life and career based on that.

I didn’t want to follow this way again.

It would have been easy to have given up and just enjoy my new lifestyle. I had built enough wealth to survive. Yet I felt this constant restlessness inside and I knew I couldn’t give up on what I truly desired. I couldn’t ignore the constant nudges from my Soul. So I embarked on a deeper, powerful inner journey.

Now I know that it is not about whether you work in an organisation or for yourself – it is much more about how you live and lead your own life first – from the inside, out.
It’s about who you are being not just what you are doing. When you live and act authentically and intentionally, you also lead by example.

I believe that when we align to who we truly are and what is important to us, we also align to a deeper purpose within which in turn makes a positive impact in the world.

I now choose to work with professionals and business leaders who want to make a difference in the world, because the world needs more purpose-driven leaders to make it a better place. Yet I’m not prepared to sacrifice what is important to me to live my life and I won’t let you do that either.


I’m passionate about helping you to be authentic and true to yourself, create a successful life not just a career and to be the best version of you so you can make the impact you are here to make

When we work together we create a powerful relationship.

This isn’t me telling you what to do or teaching you new tricks – there are plenty of people out there to do that.

It’s a time for deep self-discovery to align with your true desires, your motivators and your values. We will dive deep to discover the source of your restlessness and frustration and to shine a light on your blind spots.

These are powerful conversations – insightful, intimate and all encompassing. It’s not just talking, we are working.  I will support you, challenge you, ask you the questions no one else will dare ask.

You’ll gain insights, new perspectives and see your world in a different way.

For our relationship to work well it needs to be built on trust, openness, courage and commitment.

This isn’t a 50:50 relationship. I ask you to bring all of you to the conversation – 100%, and I will support you 100%

Here’s what we will focus on in our time together

I believe in taking a holistic approach to creating the life you truly desire. We look at your career, your lifestyle, your priorities, your wealth creation, your wellbeing, your leadership and your legacy. We work from the inside to the outside.

You want to live a truly successful life. Live and lead by being you. Own your own identity – authentically.

Here we will explore who you are, what you are here to do and why it matters.

When you connect with your values, your priorities and your deepest desires and speak your truth you create a special energy. You step into your authentic personal power.

You have a unique set of gifts and talents that have probably been buried under all those skills you have learned along the way – and you are capable of learning and doing plenty. Yet when you re-connect with your “brilliance” you can also find your flow.

Underneath all of this you have a deep desire to make a difference. This is the restlessness inside your Soul, calling you forward to step into your purpose. When you align with your reason why you create a meaningful mission for your life.

Together we will explore all of this.

It will be deep, it will be exciting, it will be coming home to the real you.

The traditional path to success has meant sacrificing important areas of your life for your career. We are taught that it has to be “either-or”. Yet it is possible to create both a successful career alongside the lifestyle you desire with time for your own self-care, your relationships and your growth.

When you align with your core values and live by them intentionally, then you can make choices about what is really important.

Too many of us put off what we truly desire until it’s too late.

Here we will look at your true priorities for your life and your career. This might involve a career change, a corporate escape, the creation of a new business or none of these. It may just be about changing your focus. It is about acting differently.

It is about creating the success you deeply desire.

I believe you have a mission in your heart – even if you do not know what that is yet.

Many of our leaders today let us down. Our political and government structures are breaking down as are many of our large organisations.

We need a new type of leadership to emerge – from more conscious, purposeful leaders, and true leadership starts from within – self-leadership.

When you align to your authentic truth, your values, your priorities and live and make your decisions from this place you become a shining example to others. You inspire rather than command. You become of service and make your contribution to the world.

Here we explore what your leadership and legacy is. How you want to express that in the world and what impact and contribution you want to make.

This is how you gain more meaning and purpose in life and become the conscious leader and change-maker you are truly here to be.

Whether you want to make a difference through the work you do; create a new project to leave a legacy; contribute through philanthropy or step up to be an inspiring and authentic leader – you can have a real impact in the world.

When you shine, you light the path for others to shine too.

How does it work?

As with any deep relationship, before we commit to working together we will talk to find out whether we are a good fit for each other. There are many coaches all with different styles.

When we work together I ask you to commit not just money but your time, energy, and willingness to change. This relationship has to be honest, open and trusting. It doesn’t work with just anyone – we have to both agree we are a perfect fit.

On the call we will explore where you are now, what you want, why you want it and you will experience what it is like to work with me. I don’t “sell” you anything. We will both know if it is the right partnership.

Then, if we decide to go forward, together we will create the right package for you. Although I have a framework of Align, Thrive & Shine, you are unique and so are your requirements. The emphasis will be placed on where you need it most.

Lasting change and transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process of illumination. Depending on where you are now and what you want to achieve for yourself, coaching programmes can be from 4 to 12 months long.

If you are ready to discover more about how we can work together and experience a powerful conversation then apply below and I will be in touch shortly.