Meet Karen


I’m Karen Revell – The Aligned Wealth Alchemist

I believe that each and everyone of us is meant to be abundantly rewarded for sharing our gifts with the world and I’m on a mission to help good-hearted, talented business owners do just that.

” You are a gift.

And you are meant to be abundantly rewarded for sharing your gifts with the world.

This is your purpose! “


We are not meant to strive and push and struggle.

We are meant to be prosperous. Life is meant to be good and to be fun. Money is meant to flow to you for the value that you bring to the world.

But that’s not the paradigm we’ve been brought up in. We have been taught otherwise and most continue to follow those beliefs.

I’m here to help you grow your business from a place of Aligned Wealth – In alignment with your natural gifts, your values and your lifestyle goals.

And I’m here to help you transform your relationship with money so that you can have the prosperity you deserve, with ease and flow.

My Story

I spent over 20 years in a ‘successful’ corporate career as a professional accountant, project manager and senior leader in the financial services industry. I was driven to achieve financial independence – not by ambition, but by the thought of how different my life could have been.

At 18 years old I had a boyfriend who wanted me to get married and settle down. I hadn’t even left school! I knew I didn’t want that so young and I knew I didn’t want to be dependent on someone else – ever!

Once out of that relationship and starting work, I loved the independence I had from earning money. And I was lucky. I had a boss who recognised my talent and encouraged me to study to become a professional accountant. That started me on my career.

So I worked hard. Very hard.

I thought this was the only way to achieve success and I believed I had to continually prove myself. Because of where I came from. Because of the way I spoke. Because I didn’t have a degree. There were lots of reasons.

For the most part I enjoyed what I did, and I was proud to have achieved the level of success that seemed so far removed from growing up in a council house in East London.

But in the end I found myself compromising my values, my relationship and my health. I was tired of the constant proving and striving and started to question if this ‘success’ was really worth it.

So I quit to do something more rewarding and fulfilling, and that would allow me greater freedom, meaning and balance in my life.

I originally trained as an Executive Coach and Career Change Coach to help others be happier in their work. However, over the years I found other small business owners coming to me for business advice. I was also always being asked to teach about money.

At first I wasn’t really interested in doing this until I started studying the psychology and beliefs around money that stop many people achieving their income goals.

Over recent years I have been struck by how many good hearted people struggle to earn a decent living from their work . I’ve also witnessed the rise of the hustle culture in the entrepreneurial world that was so prominent in the corporate world along with the noise of chasing an ever increasing income goal.

And I can tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way!

ALIGNED WEALTH isn’t about hitting a certain money goal like 6 or 7 figures (unless that’s what you really want); it’s about finding the right balance of money, time and energy freedom to give you the life and fulfilment you truly desire.

Now I bring all of my knowledge and experience together to help other small business owners – especially those in the transformation space such as healers, coaches and therapists, to create a level of ALIGNED WEALTH that brings them meaning, freedom and happiness.

My work includes a mixture of:

  • personal discovery to align to your gifts, 
  • mindset and energy releasing to transform your relationship with money, and
  • strengths-based strategies to grow your business with ease and flow.