In his book ‘Power vs Force – The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour’, Dr David Hawkins, through years of study as a clinician, scientist and teacher has written about human consciousness.

Through his research and the understanding of more advanced sciences he has collated a map or table which calibrates different emotions to levels of human consciousness.

Now many people talk about love and fear as being opposites, or at least at different ends of the scale. (Let’s be clear here though, the opposite of love is hate and the opposite of fear is courage.)

I think most people accept that fear is a low frequency feeling and we want to avoid being in that state for any length of time. Not only does it induce the fight, flight or freeze response and flood the body with adrenaline and cortisol, it also impacts our ability to think creatively and therefore come up with solutions.

Of course fear can impact your ability to make money. If you  are afraid of taking cetain actions then you are unlikely to achieve the success that you desire.

However, I would like to talk about two other emotions that often get overlooked – those are guilt and shame.

Interestingly, both these emotions measure lower than fear on the map of consciousness.

Shame is when someone does something to you which makes you feel bad about yourself.

Guilt is when you do something to someone else which then makes you feel bad about yourself. This often tends to bring up feelings of shame too when what has happened goes against your moral compass. It is like you have done something negative to yourself.

These are emotions that I often see my clients holding onto which impacts their ability to earn more. And although they can appear around money, it doesn’t have to be related.

Any feelings of shame, whatever they relate to, mean on some level that you do not believe that you deserve more. 

And that is what is stopping you from truly aligning to your desires and from creating more wealth.

So is there anywhere in your life right now where you are holding onto feelings of guilt and shame?

What do you need to do and who do you need to forgive to release those emotions?

Let them go!

Your bank balance may well thank you when you do 🙂