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This week I was talking with a client about bringing a bit of structure into her business. There was a lot of resistance coming up about this, and of course I’m all too familiar with that myself. After years of being driven by tight deadlines and having to fit life in around work, once you get any sense of freedom over your time, you certainly don’t want to give it up again.

I’ve written before about the need to have at least some structure in your day to be successful in business but that wasn’t actually the real problem. After digging around a bit we unearthed another deeper issue lurking.

One that said- “If you start taking your business seriously, then it will no longer be fun”.

You see we have been conditioned to believe that work has to be hard. That it needs to be difficult and be a struggle. That what we do, our work, has to be HARD WORK. After all that’s why it’s called work!

So when we start doing things we really enjoy, things we find fun and easy and get so involved in them that time just whizzes by, we don’t want to change it. And if we don’t believe that work can be fun and feel like play, then we will resist turning our hobby or passion or creative muse into a real business.

We have been conditioned to believe that running a business means being serious, and proper and professional and hard work and difficult but it can’t be FUN!!!

Or can it?

What would it be like to get up each morning and absolutely love what you do?

Would that be exciting?

You see my aim is to make your work fun and play and less stressful. That’s why I escaped corporate and that’s what I want for my clients too. Finding the playful elements of what you do and then earning a living from that in a way that fits in with your life rather than competes against it.

So much of what stops us from doing what we truly desire isn’t what’s out there. It isn’t the economy or the lack of money or the lack of potential clients. It’s what’s going on inside. Our beliefs about what is possible and how the world works is what really holds us back.

So if you could change that and find a way of earning a living doing things that feel like play instead of work, would you take it?

Or do you only believe that work has to be hard?





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