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One of the challenges of starting your own business is that of finding your niche. Business gurus will tell you that niching down will make you easier to find and more profitable in your business. The trouble is when you are starting outfind your tribe

1. you often don’t know what makes you stand out from the crowd and therefore how to niche down in a profitable way, and

2. you are scared of losing possible clients when you need the money

So is niching really so good? The truth is yes it is.

When people talk about niching, they often think about having a speciality that is unique. However, often what we do is done by many others too and we find it hard to differentiate ourselves.  It’s much more about who we are and who we connect with that will help us stand out from the crowd. So finding the people you can connect with and who connect with you too, will create your unique niche. The rise of social media has shown that people like to connect with like-minded people, whether they live locally to them or half way round the world. People seek out people like them. People who have the same values and beliefs. People who have the same interests. People who have had similar experiences and challenges as them. People who find themselves in similar circumstances. We like to belong. We like to feel that we are not alone and that there are others just like us.

So, if you can determine your people; find your tribe – your community, you can connect with. You can show them you are one of them and that you can help them overcome the problems, challenges that they are experiencing.

In that way, you have a speciality – what you do, and a group of people you can identify with who you are just perfect to do it for. Now you have a niche. Now the right people will find you because you can communicate just to them, in their language. You know exactly what they are going through and you can truly connect.

So find your tribe. Those people need you!



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