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Spring DaffodilsSpring is upon us and it signals the time in nature for new beginnings. Although every day is an opportunity to start afresh, when the birds are singing the snowdrops and daffodils are starting to show and the buds on the trees appear the energy levels start to rise.

For me there is also a fresh start as we are about to move to a new area and into a new house and I’ve also been having a few new ideas about my business which will blossom over the coming months.

In nature everything is either growing or dying and likewise your soul is growing or dying as you move towards or away from your heart’s desires. We all go through cycles but many people choose to believe they cannot start over. This is not true.

It may be too late to do some things or to have them exactly the way you wanted but generally it’s never too late to start to align with your dreams.

Is there something you have always wanted deep down inside from your career or your life?

Something you have been putting on the back burner and now think it’s too late. Nothing is impossible – unless of course you believe it to be.

What are you denying yourself or dismissing as not possible? What dreams are you allowing to die inside you?

    1. Clarity – be clear about what it is you desire and why. The more you know and understand this the more likely you will stay focused on the achieving the outcome.


    1. Visualise – create a picture of what you desire. You can create a vision board or a just use your imagination. I remember some years back I wanted to have a home by the sea and so I painted a picture which showed three stripes of colour – blue for the sea, yellow for the sand and green for the garden. Then I stuck pictures on of people sitting outside in the sun drinking and eating. A few years later we bought our apartment in Spain which hadn’t been planned at the time.
      I have also created mental pictures in the past. When I was at a time that I wanted to lose weight, I pictured how many 1kg bags of sugar attached to my belt that meant and imagined myself throwing them off…and it worked.


    1. Feel it – imagine stepping into your picture and what it would feel like if it was real right now. Really notice how good you are feeling about having achieved your goal. This sensation allows you to really connect with your desires.


    1. Believe it is possible – if you have doubts about achieving your goal and focus on that, then guess what? That’s the outcome you will get. Whereas if you believe it is possible and keep your picture in mind and feel good about it then that’s what you will achieve. This is where many give up. Always bring yourself back to the picture and feeling of what you want.


  1. Start the process – many people give up on goals and dreams because they start on something and when they make a mistake or get distracted they give up on the whole idea. It is never right from day one. You weren’t born being able to walk or hold a conversation. They were things you learned by taking small actions every day. It is always a process. A series of habits that you build over time. The problem is many of us create habits that distract us from our dreams.
    So start new habits today and remember it will take time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, but from consistent action. Baby steps each day. It will be worth it to reach your dreams.

So now Spring is in the air and nature starts it cycle again with new growth. What new beginnings can you start today?


I’d love to know what you really desire from your career and your life. Leave a comment below.



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