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Is your attitude holding you back?

Last week as we were doing the garden we took delivery of a couple of additional sleepers that we wanted after the landscapers had been in and finished their work.

When the person arrived, Geoff my partner, asked him if he would mind helping him to take them around to the back and put them in the garden as it would be difficult to do it on his own.

The fella moaned about it and said it was “not his job” to do that. He didn’t get paid for that, just delivery. Now if he had been more obliging Geoff would have probably given him a tip in the form of money as a thank you for helping, however with his attitude prevented him from getting anything.

OK maybe he was just in a bad mood that day, but not being willing to help someone first before getting rewarded is why many people do not progress in their careers or business. They want the reward before putting in the effort rather than the other way around.

Earlier in the week I had been talking with one of the lads who was working in the garden. His attitude was completely different. He was willing to learn as much as he could because he knew this would make him better at what he did and more valuable to those who wanted to employ him.

As we talked and I started to inquire into what he really wanted for the future, he said that ultimately he dreamed of owning his own business one day so he could “be the boss” and have others working for him. He had seen his own father work hard in the gardens and have to continue to do so into his old age. Whereas his friend’s father (the owner of the landscaping company) could take a step back now as he had built a business and had others employed to do the manual work for him.

I asked him what he liked about working in his current job. He enjoyed being outdoors, being with his best mate, and learning things all the time. He also commented on how he liked to be treated and how some of the men at his previous job hadn’t talked to him because he was so young and how he hated it. He said that he would always want to have a good atmosphere amongst the people who worked for him (team-spirit), treat others fairly and reward them for their hard work.

I explained that there is a formula for creating success

1. Know what you really want and why and take full responsibility for your results
2. Work to your strengths and talents and get others to do the things you are not so great at so you have more energy and creativity for the work you do
3. Treat others with respect and compassion
4. Continue to grow and learn and never be complacent

I encouraged him to continue to learn and grow not only his landscaping skills but also his customer service skills and general business skills so that he could build a profitable business in the future and realise his dream.

He was genuinely excited and thanked me for the advice.
I was pleased too. With his attitude, this young man has all the makings for a successful life and business ahead of him.

So tell me, what is your attitude to success? I’d love to know.




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