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One of the things that makes me feel sad is seeing good-hearted, hard-working people who want to follow their passions and do work they love, struggle to make a decent income and end up having to get a job that pays the bills and putting their dreams on hold.

As someone who has built my wealth to a point where I could effectively “retire” from my job in my mid-forties, I realise I have knowledge that would be of value to others around this topic. I’ve always taken my mindset around this for granted and thought it was obvious to all (as we tend to do with our natural strengths), but now recognise this is not obvious to most people.

I also have a background in business and finance and have done many further trainings since leaving my corporate job and although I morphed into helping others with their business, on it’s own it never really motivated me enough to carry on. However, supporting others who want to make a positive difference in the world does…and it all starts with wealth.

We cannot step into our true purpose and make a difference to the lives of others unless we can support ourselves financially and feel safe and secure. So building a purpose-driven business is not separate from building your own wealth. Yet I see so many struggling with this concept and it often comes down to our beliefs about money and wealth.

There are so many beliefs that have been installed in us from society about how having wealth makes as a bad/greedy/selfish… person. Even this week I have been listening to politicians talking about “punishing” (their words not mine) the rich with higher taxes and “not letting them get away with it”. I’m not ignoring the social inequalities we have in society but this sort of language reinforces the concept of wealth being a bad thing.

No-one however tells you at which level of wealth you suddenly turn into a “bad” person. In my experience it is not money that makes you a “good” or “bad”. It’s your values and beliefs about what is right and wrong in the world.

The social problems we see in the world are not due to money but due to people’s attitudes and values.

So here are a couple of viewpoints that may get you thinking about the concept of wealth differently.

1. Money is a Magnifier
No matter what type of person you are, the more money you have, the more it will emphasise your traits. If you are naturally selfish and greedy, having more money isn’t going to change you. It will just emphasise these traits.
Likewise, if you are naturally a warm-hearted, generous type of person, having more money allows you to be more so.
I like to think of the concept of “Wealth for Good” – where the more wealth we create for ourselves, the more we can give to others. There are many entrepreneurs (as well as other wealthy people) who are currently doing this by choice.

2. Money is Unlimited
If you believe that money is scarce and limited then you will always be chasing it and want to hold onto it when you get it. But if you also believe that having money males you “bad” as mentioned above, then you are likely to let that money go again. This then reinforces the belief that you always have to “chase” the money.
If on the other hand you believe that money is always flowing, then you can create wealth at any time, as long as you understand and apply the wealth equation.

I will be talking about the wealth equation next time round. In the meantime, have a think about what you believe about money and where those beliefs might come from.

Also consider this: If you had more wealth right now, how would it impact the difference you want to make in the world?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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