Understanding Manifestation (part 4) – The Emotional Plane

So far I have talked about how we have our own divine compass to connect to the Spiritual plane, and we do so through DESIRE.. If we follow our fascination we can connect into our desire more easily and choose what we really want.

Then we have to keep our mind focused on that desire. This is difficult because we hold many conflicting beliefs and our inner critic often gives us all the reasons why we can’t have what we want. So we have to have FAITH.

Today I’m talking about alignment on the emotional plane.

If you have read “The Secret” or done any work around the Law of Attraction you will have heard about getting into a high vibrational state. 

The Law of Vibration states that everthing in the Universe is vibratiing, including you and me.

Your thoughts and feelings are connected. Each thought you have and strory you tell yourself creates a feeling – an emotion. Sometimes these are strong and sometimes they are inconsequential.

Those thoughts and feelings send out electro-magnetic waves at a certain frequency. The Law of Attractions states that you can attract in what you desire but you need to be vibrating at the same level or frequency as that which you desire.

Now the hard way to do this is to try to only hold high vibrational feelings like love and gratitude all of the time. But let’s be honest – that is really difficult.

Life throws things at us all of the time. We are meant to have challenges so that we can expand and grow. 

And with that our emotions will go up and down, which impacts what we are attracting and repelling.

However, if we start to step into the person and the state of already having that which we desire, out vibration is an equal match.

The Mental and Emotional Planes are closely linked. As I said previously, if we can step into the belief of having the “wish already fulfilled” then we have become the person who can already receive that which we desire, and more.

So when we face challenges, we are not negatively impacted because we hold faith that we will receive what we desire.

Of course, coming back to a place of peace, love and gratitude each day will also help. 

This is why meditating, journalling, yoga and other mind-body practices are so popular.  But anything that will get you out of negative or anxious thinking and into a more fun and happier state is beneficial.

If you can hold the belief that everything in life is happening for your highest good, even if it doesn’t seem like that in the moment, you can cultivate a feeling of gratitude more easily. 

You either win or learn, which is a win-win situation.