Understanding Manifestation (part 2)

Last time I explained that manifestation is about ALIGNMENT. It’s about aligning your thoughts, feelings and actions with your desires. This may seem simple and obvious but most of the time we are not in a place of alignment.

So let’s start off with looking at DESIRE. 

Do you know what you really want from your life Karen?

Do you know what you want from your career or business?

Do you know what you want from your relationships – with family, friends, your team, clients and romantically?

Do you know want you want to experience in life, how you want to show up and what makes you truly feel alive?

Because most people don’t!

We are bombarded every minute of the day about how a “successful” life is supposed to be. Yet despite most people having more material things in their lives than those of 50 years ago, generally we are not happier.

We are taught in school to learn certain skills that will equip us for work rather than follow our hearts.

We get taught to use our logical brain rather than tune into our feelings.

Yet true desire comes with strong feelings. So what lights you up? What excites you? What do you really, really want?

I encourage you to spend time pondering these questions to gain some clarity without telling yourself you can’t have it or don’t know how you will get it.

As I said before, it starts with you making a DECISION. 

Yet if you are not clear about what you desire you will flip-flop from one thing to another. 

If you want wealth and abundance in your life you need to be clear about what that is as we all want different things. 

When it comes to money, people will say “I want to be a millionaire” without really knowing what they will do with that money. Money is merely a tool to help you get want you really want. So you can’t attract/manifest money if you don’t really know WHY you want it.

And while I’m talking about DESIRE I want you to understand that it is not a bad thing to want more money.

De-sire means ‘of the sire’, ‘of the father’ or ‘of the stars’. 

Spirit, God, your Soul or whatever you want to refer to, is guiding you through the mechanism of desire. It’s like a divine compass.

You are meant to follow your heart, and as you do so you will start to see what you are truly capable of and move closer to living a purposeful life.

Is your life filled with what you really want, or what you are tolerating?

Please don’t dismiss your dreams as fantasies. Start by getting clear about what they are first. Tune into those secret thoughts that you are afraid to share with others. (Maybe you are afraid to even share them with yourself.)

Start by exploring your own thoughts and feelings first.

And then, what would you have to believe inorder for you to take an action step towards those desires?