Understanding Manifestation (part 3)

Continuing with our theme of ALIGNMENT in order to manifest greater wealth, or indeed anything that you desire, today I’m talking about aligning the mental plane.

Now aligning on the mental plane is probably the most challenging piece of the manifestation process.  So let’s dive in.

To get started you need to imagine what you desire. Create a picture in your mind of the outcome that you want. This is akin to top athletes who get “in the zone” and visualise themselves winning the race.

There are a few parts to this:

> Firstly, you have to believe that the outcome you desire is not only possible, but is possible for you.

So let’s explore these.

Believing that your desire is possible for you has un underlying assumption that you are DESERVING enough to have this outcome. Now from my work with clients around money, I know that this is the number one belief (conscious or unconscious) that is likely to hold you back from uplevelling your wealth.

The beliefs we hold in our sub-conscious mind come from our society, culture, religion and family lineage and are often adopted when we are young as “truth”. It can be hard to change these beliefs especially when we are not even aware of them.

Next, we are plagued with our own inner chatter – that inner critic that says things like:

> Who do you think you are to want that?
> You’re not good enough to be able to achieve that
> How are you going to make that happen then?

You have to understand that “your word is your wand” when it comes to manifestation. What you say to yourself is being implanted into your sub-conscious which will go and search for evidence to show you that this is true.

When confronted with this evidence, it’s harder for your rational, conscious mind to deny it. So you become trapped within the limits of your own thinking.

> Secondly, you need to imagine the outcome as if it is in the past.

The visualisation of your outcome needs to be as if the outcome has already happened. This is based on Law of Assumption in which you have to “imagine the wish fulfilled“.

This requires you to go forward in time in your head and imagine yourself in a situation where you are ASSUMING that the outcome has already happened and is now just a memory.

> Finally, you have to DETACH from the outcome because you are ASSUMING that it is now done. You have to stop worrying about it and have FAITH that want you want will be delivered.

As you can see, aligning on the mental plane is simple but not easy. We have been brought up in a world of logic, not imagination. However, as a child, you were probably a great manifestor, so maybe it’s time to return to that child-like state 🙂