Would you like to find ease and flow in your business?


Discover your path of least resistance to wealth and success based on your natural talents and genius

Do you easily achieve the results you want in your business, or does it often feel like an uphill struggle?

Are you doing work that drains your energy and really doesn’t light you up?

Do you look around and see others making great strides forward with minimal effort whilst you always seem to be striving and pushing to succeed?

Are you tired of following someone else’s success “blueprint” and not getting the results you want?


You may have started down your current path because you thought it would bring you success, and indeed to date it may have got you quite far. Yet now it just doesn’t excite you anymore and you are tired of having to work so hard.

I’m guessing that you are even questioning is this it? Is this what life and success are all about? – The constant treadmill.

Or maybe you haven’t yet achieved the success you desire despite years of working hard.

These are signs that you are not following your true path to success

“Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will go through its whole life believing that it is stupid”
~ Albert Einstein

We are all born great at something. Yet we tend to go through life discovering all the things we are not so good at and work hard to improve those “weaknesses”.

At school we are told “we must try harder” in those subjects we don’t excel at.

In our jobs we often find to get ahead we need to be a good all-rounder. So we focus on improving our weaknesses and take our strengths for granted or, more often than not, we lose sight of them altogether.

In business we follow other people”s success “blueprints” and beat ourselves up for not getting the same results.

This all leads to us having to work really hard to succeed.

Yet when you look at really successful people they do not compare themselves to others or try to be good all-rounders. Instead they understand their natural genius and focus on it. As they excel in their talents they go from ordinary to extraordinary. Then they get the support they need to help them in areas they find difficult or doesn’t come naturally to them.

When you understand where your natural talents and genius lie and what is the most effective way for you to use those strengths then you too can excel without it being so hard.


Each of us has a path of least resistance that is based on our natural strengths and talents – the ones we were born with. If we are not on the right path, life can be a struggle.

The reason you are finding it difficult to achieve the wealth and success you desire is because you are not being true to yourself and following your natural path.

The great news is that when you discover and connect to who you are and what you do best and get into flow, you can achieve the success you desire without struggle, sacrifice and burn-out


Introducing Wealth Dynamics


Wealth Dynamics is the world’s leading profiling tool for entrepreneurs. Take the test to find out which of the eight wealth profiles is your natural path.

Your personalised report will give you clear direction on what path to follow in your job, business and investments.

Why make things hard work when you can follow your flow?


The Talent & Wealth Dynamics Profiling Tool helps you to Find Your Flow and to understand more about yourself including:

  • aspects of your personality
  • what your core strengths and talents are
  • where you add most value to your team, organisation or business
  • how to be more productive with less effort
  • how to operate in your zone of genius, and
  • role models for you to follow to achieve success
Through its link to the I Ching and the five Chinese elements, your  Wealth Dynamics profile links to the fifth element – spirit, your purpose, and the question ‘why’.


Buying into the myth that you have to be good at everything in order to be successful will stop you recognising your true talents and the value you bring


The most successful people in the world do not try to work on their weaknesses. They know how to harness their strengths to bring them success and focus on that.

When you focus on your strengths and find your path of least resistance you too can achieve greater success and fulfilment in your career or business.


After my session with Karen, my overwhelming feeling is that she finally gave me permission to be myself. In our session, she helped me to identify my strengths, but more importantly, she allowed me to own them, accept them and love them.

I’ve realised that I spend so much time trying to run my business the wrong way for me that there’s never time for me to be me.

After my session with Karen, that’s all changed. Suddenly, everything has fallen into place.

Karen has helped me uncover the essential missing piece of the jigsaw – the one that allows me to understand where to focus my energy and attention, so I can achieve more and feel more fulfilled.

Karen helps you understand how you can create your business so it feels effortless and naturally suited to your strengths. From this vantage point, creating wealth starts to feel easy and you’ll be free to embrace your future with energy, excitement and the kind of peace you only get from finally coming home.

Deborah Taylor

Book Coach , Book Launch Your Business

Flow is the natural, effortless unfolding of our lives in a way that moves us to wholeness and harmony, when we are in flow, occurrences line up, events fall into place and obstacles melt away

Inside of you there is a unique combination of talents, traits and strengths – your genius.

In this session you will gain clarity and understanding around who you are, what your natural genius and talents are, how you work best and what activities that will get you into FLOW.

You will also learn the Wealth Equation and how it applies to you so you can build YOUR business YOUR way

Here is what you get in the Find Your Flow Consultation

A detailed report which will provide you with:

  • An overview of the 5 different talent frequencies and the 8 profiles
  • A breakdown of your unique profile across the talent frequencies
  • Your dominant profile detailing
    • your strengths and challenges
    • how you can achieve success and where you are likely to struggle
    • your best and most natural activities which will get you in flow
    • your leadership style
    • your preferred communication style
    • how to channel your strengths and leverage your resources to achieve more with less
    • role models who share your profile who you can study and learn from

Learn how to be more productive with less effort and how to reduce stress and increase your energy.

Discover where your true value lies and which of the eight natural paths to wealth and success is right for you.

Understand how your profile relates to your business growth and who to connect with to support you in your business.

A 1 to 1 personal debrief via  Zoom

  • to explain how this relates specifically to you and how to maximise this information to your best advantage
  • have any specific questions you have answered
  • what steps to take next to benefit your career or business

The Find Your Flow consultation includes the profile report and a 1 on 1 in-depth personal debrief with me all for £225.


The Find Your Flow Consultation is right for you if:

  • You are feeling stuck in your career or business and are not sure why
  • You are beating yourself up because you see others easily achieving results when you find it so hard
  • You often feel misunderstood or overlooked by others, or that you just don’t fit in
  • You are leading a team and need to get the best out of yourself and others
  • You are ready to expand your business but are not sure where to start

Here is what others have to say about taking their profile 

Before the session, I was feeling unmotivated and discouraged about my business. As you guided me through the results of my profile, wee light bulbs were turning on. I understand why I have been stuck. But more importantly, I see now how I can move forward. I’m feeling motivated and positive again!

You have a lovely way of explaining the profile and how I can work with it to improve my business. Instead of feeling like I was being put into a box, you showed me that I have a bigger box of tools than I was aware of.

Anne Gage

Horsemanship Coach

Speaking to Karen really brought my report to life and helped me to understand what my wealth profile means for me and my business. It’s highlighted what I’m best at and it’s also confirmed that my decision to outsource more of the financial and admin elements of my business is the right one – these are not things I should be doing!

The most useful insight I’ve had is that it’s ok to not be good at everything. I’ve been guilty of trying to be an all-rounder when I should be playing to my strengths.

Karen was easy to chat to and explained everything in plain English. If running a business is sapping your energy then finding out your profile and what your strengths and weaknesses are will help you to understand how to fix things and get back to doing the fulfilling work that suits you best.

Liz Painter


The Wealth Dynamics profile session with Karen has been very illuminating. It’s helped me to understand my strengths and appreciate that I am in the right line of business. Just as importantly, I can now also see why I feel challenged with some aspects of my day to day admin and why it feels easier to engage with some people over others.

These insights, along with Karen’s excellent debrief,  have given me a starting point for thinking carefully about where to focus my attention when it comes to building my business and the type of help that it will be useful for me to have. I now know what I need to do create more impact around my core offering and feel more empowered and confident about letting the world know how I can help them!

I’d thoroughly recommend a session with Karen to help any business owner make the most of their talents and maximise their opportunities for business success.

Susan Ritchie

Executive & Leadership Coach

The session with Karen was incredibly useful for helping me understand what is in flow and feels aligned for me.

I initially took the Wealth Dynamics test independently and didn’t really understand or know what to make of my results, but the deep dive with Karen really helped me make sense of things and gain a better understanding of what’s in flow for me.  

I had been trying to balance myself out as a jack-of-all-trades for a long time – so the realisation felt like a homecoming and reclaiming of my true self
Marjana Jaigirdar

Transformational Coach

I really recommend Karen. She provides great insight through her intuition and using wealth dynamics, which allowed me to forge a way forward with my business in a way that I feel good about.

There is so much noise in the market about how you can market and grow your business but some paths suit you better than others. Karen helps you to find out which works in your strengths and which you can let go off so it feels easy and that’s what she did for me!

A J Darko

Certified Coach

Karen really helped me make sense of my Wealth Dynamics profile.I got so much value out of the consultation and gained clarity on areas I should focus on.

I was really impressed by Karen’s wealth of knowledge and her practical approach. I can’t recommend Karen highly enough.

Heidi Sternberg

Pinterest Manager & Blogger

The Find Your Flow Consultation includes a detailed profile report plus a 1:1 in-depth personal debrief with me to show you how you can apply the information to your career or business, all for just £225.

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