WEALTH & WORTHINESS go hand in hand

I’m often saying that wealth and worthiness go hand in hand.
Now I’m NOT saying that your level of worthiness is dependent on how much financial wealth you have. Quite the opposite!

YOU are totally worthy just as you are!

We are all equally worthy. After all, we are each an expression of the divine.

But in our “human-ess” we create a personality which becomes our identity. And in doing so we become judgemental and critical of others who are not “like us”

We create stories about who WE are and who THEY are.

And we become judgemental and critical about ourselves based on the stories we believe. Those critical judgements can include:
I’m not good enough
I’m not lovable enough
I’m not deserving enough etc.

And so we stop valuing ourselves.

As I’ve said before – Money flows to where there is value!

So if you feel that you are not good enough, or lovable enough or deserving enough or whatever your not enoughness is, you are telling yourself that you are not worthy.

Not worthy of the things you desire – whether that’s money, love, material possessions, experiences etc.

So this is why I say that wealth and worthiness go hand in hand.

Until you decide that you are worthy and deserving of wealth it will not flow to you. And it definitely won’t stay with you.

When you love and respect yourself first, and share your value with the world, then the money will flow.

So if you are honest with yourself…deep down do you really feel worthy of more wealth?