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Your wealth already lies within – you just need the keys to unlock it

I know you didn’t come into business just to chase the money.

You want to make a difference to the lives of others, and you want to do it in a way that doesn’t compromise your values or burn you out.

You also want to have a prosperous business doing what you love, and maybe you’re putting in a lot of effort without the rewards in your bank account that you were hoping for.

Or maybe you’ve achieved a certain level of success but you believe the only way to earn more is to work harder.

You may be thinking that you are missing some secret ingredient, you can’t get paid well doing what you love and you are starting to doubt yourself. Or maybe you know deep down that your relationship with money is stopping you receiving, keeping or uplevelling.

You need to know that your true wealth lies within – it’s your talent and genius, your skills and experience, your passion and perspective and your unique energy essence. This is where your value lies and when you fully own this you can receive money in exchange for your gifts.

You were given your combination of gifts at birth to go and share with the world and make your unique contribution. This is why you are here, and you are being called right now to do the work you were meant to do.

Your work is an extension and expression of who you are and what you are here to do and your business is the vehicle to get that out into the world.

And let me tell you… you are also meant to be abundantly rewarded for doing so. For making the difference only you can uniquely make.


I’m Karen

I work with heart-led small business owners who, like you, want a prosperous business that brings them meaning and fulfilment without the hustle, striving and chasing the money.

I help you to uncover your unique value, transform your relationship with money and use strengths-based strategies so you can be aligned, authentic and abundant in your business with ease and flow.

How I can help

Money Breakthrough Session

Whatever level of business you are at, you are likely to come up against a money ceiling. And more strategy or striving won’t get you through. Understanding what is blocking you internally with money can give you a massive breakthrough.

Alchemy of Wealth Programme

Your relationship with money impacts all aspects of your business.
In this programme you will look at your beliefs around money, your own self-worth and your personal money personality so that you can truly transform how you think and feel around money.

Gifts Into Gold
(Aligned Business Accelerator)

Your true wealth lies within – you just need to unlock the value you already hold. Uncover your unique gifts, own your true value, package, price and position yourself as an expert so that you can step into being the leader you are here to be.

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