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What if…

…you really were meant to make money from sharing your gifts with the world?

Hi, I'm Karen

Let me help you unlock your wealth and create a meaningful business based on your gifts, your genius and your lifestyle goals

Calling all transformation specialists, passion-led professionals and soulful entrepreneurs

The world around us is changing fast, and many of the structures we know are falling away. We are moving out of the information age and into the Age of Impact. Where business is a force for good and the art of transformation is a necessity.

Your gifts are needed in the world!

But you can’t make the difference you are here to make if the money isn’t flowing in and you aren’t able to support yourself first. Your relationship with money impacts every aspect of your business…and your life!

It’s your time 

It’s time to ditch the struggle and following someone else’s blueprint. It’s time to reconnect with your Soul’s calling and your innate superpowers. It’s time to overcome your money blocks and create a healthy relationship with money. It’s time to discover and own your True Wealth.

It’s finally time to find flow in your business, your money and your life.

You know you were put on this planet for a reason

Whether that’s to share a message,
spread a mission, or start a whole movement


You can feel it in your heart

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to discover how to get paid for being who you really are and what you’re here to do?

To align your prosperity to your passion and purpose?

Let me help you

Gifts & Genius

Connect to your TRUE wealth and start operating from your zone of genius with ease and grace


Money Mastery

Discover your money style and create a positive relationship with money so you can soulfully receive


Brilliant Business

Put your your unique brilliance at the heart of your business and be authentically you


“There is so much noise in the market about how you can market and grow your business but some paths suit you better than others. Karen helps you to find out which works in your strengths and which you can let go off so it feels easy and that’s what she did for me!”
AJ Darko

“Karen helps you understand how you can create your business so it feels effortless and naturally suited to your strengths.”
Deborah Taylor

“I was really impressed by Karen’s wealth of knowledge and her practical approach.
I can’t recommend Karen 
highly enough.”
Heidi Sternberg

Meet Karen

I’ve helped others like you to discover what lights them up, how to play to their natural strengths, get into flow and to create fulfilling work that is based on their unique gifts and the impact they want to make.

With my 25 year career in finance as an accountant and achieving my own financial independence, I know a thing or two about money and how it impacts on everything we do.

My unique approach starts with you bringing your inner and outer wealth into alignment. Your innate gifts and genius, your money style and mindset, your strategy for wealth creation in your business.

This is how you can turn your gifts into gold.

Ready to get started?

Let’s turn your Gifts into Gold in your business

What People Are Saying ~

“Karen is particularly skilled at asking the right questions at the right time.

Karen has always been focused on helping me develop a business that will support me in a new non-corporate lifestyle and in a way that allows me to create a way of working that is right for me, while remaining focused on bringing in the income I need.”


Deborah Taylor

Business Book Writing Coach

“From my very first conversation with Karen she gave me clarity.

She provided the help I needed to determine what it was that motivated me, what my core values are and therefore which option would align with these values.

It then became very obvious which was the right route for my business.”

Mary Waring

Independent Financial Advisor

“I have worked with Karen on a number of occasions now as I seek to develop my business.

She has consistently enabled me to think outside my comfort zone and to challenge myself to work towards what I really want from life and work rather than just accepting what I’ve already achieved and the cosy niche I’ve developed.”

Karen Donhue

Financial Communications Consultant

~ Blog ~

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