Money flows to where there is value – always!

There are a lot of beliefs about people who have money and about money itself.

Some people believe that money is “hard to come by” or is in itself “the root of all evil”. Others think that those with money are “born lucky” or are the “greedy ones” or the “filthy rich”.

These beliefs are passed down from generation to generation often without being challenged and so they become ‘our version of the truth’.

Yet when you do stop to think about it. Is it really true?

Here are some of my truths:

MONEY doesn’t judge whether you are good or bad. If it did, then warlords, drug barons, human traffickers, dictators etc wouldn’t be rich…but many are.

MONEY doesn’t decide whether you are deserving or not. If it did, then all you need to do is lead a good life and you would get rich.

MONEY arrives when you provide value – as long as you are open to receiving.

The more value you provide to someone else, the more money they will be prepared to offer in exchange for that value. The value doesn’t have to be morally right. It just has to be of benefit to someone else.

So, when it comes to you and your business or career, the first step is knowing the value that you bring to the world!

Are you clear on the value you bring ?

Make a list of all the ways you bring value to your clients.